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Brie with Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka Sauce

It may be cold outside but I have a wonderful reminder of warm summer days spent in Maine. This is so easy to do as an appetizer or quick snack.  For my Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka Sauce, Wild Maine Blueberries are hand raked during the height of the season. Maine is a major blueberry producer because we have the perfect climate, acidic soil and dedicated Maine farmers committed to preserving this incredible, super healthy treasure!  So for those cozy nights by the fire you can bring the fresh taste of summer back with my Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka Sauce. It's combined with vodka, onions and jalapenos for a taste that can't be described. Literally. I ask customers are tastings and food...

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Wild Maine Blueberry Harvest

There are so many great things about August in Maine and in the food category wild blueberries and lobster are at the top of the list. Wild Maine blueberries are special, they are sweeter and richer in antioxidants than the bigger cultivated blueberries. They truly do grow wild and are a favorite of bears too! Ever make  Duncan Hines Wild Blueberries Mix? That can of blueberries contains these blueberry gems!    The process of harvesting blueberries is pretty straight forward. Using a special hand held rake with tines spaced close together you simply start low on the bush and work your way up, the berries falling into the back of the rake. Once your bucket it as full as you want...

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