Apple Rum Sauce Gets National Recognition!

Apple Rum Sauce Gets National Recognition!

The past month has been a big one for not only our Apple Rum BBQ Sauce but Honey Bourbon as well. Every time I get the results I have to read them several times to make sure I'm reading it right! 

Silverton Foods Apple Rum BBQ Sauce

     Last year our sponsorship of Creekside Cookers was very successful with several including Buda Texas Weiner Dog Races Cookoff 3rd place out of 60 teams, and New Braunfels Texas Sheriff's Posse BBQ Cookoff Reserve Grand Champion.

     They use our Apple Rum Sauce on ribs and the Honey Bourbon on chicken at these events. The floods in 2015 in Texas did cause a disruption of the cookoff schedule for the guys but even with that the results were awesome. 

     The 2016 Cookoff season is underway and the results are even better so far. 

The Texas State Championships takes place at the Smokin on The Rio in February. We all know Texans take their barbecue very seriously and I can't wait to attend a cookoff in person. Creekside Cookers head cook, Lance and his partner Kelly use Apple Rum BBQ Sauce on ribs and our Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce on chicken. The are the perfect pairings for these sauces. Apple Rum is a bit spicier and goes well with so many meats but the fruit and pork combo is a winner. Both sauces have garlic and smoke while Honey Bourbon is smooth, and the smokiness goes great with chicken. 

The cookoff results show that the Texas judges agree!  A 2nd place finish with Honey Bourbon on chicken and a 5th place finish with Apple Rum on pork ribs was good for Reserve Grand Champion

Smokin On The Rio 2016 results            Smokin On The Rio pork results 2016

      The National Barbecue Association has their Awards of Excellence competition at their national convention each year. This year's convention in Florida was the first I had ever entered anything in. While both Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Apple Rum Sauce have done really well in cookoffs I decided to enter just the Apple Rum this year in the Awards of Excellence Sauce competition. I didn't have any idea of what to expect but have always thought you don't know unless you try so try I did! 

      There apparently isn't a notification of any kind so while I was aware the convention had come on gone and I hadn't heard anything I figured there weren't any results to report about my sauce. about 2 weeks after the convention I decided to check out the website to see if results were posted. Here's what I found:

National BBQ Association 2016 results

     Not only was Apple Rum BBQ Sauce runner up in the Fruit Spicy division it was one of the top 10 high scoring sauces from the barbecue sauce divisions!!  It is so humbling to think that my recipe formulated in my Maine lodge is doing so well nationally. 

     Creekside Coookers has many more cookoffs this year and I am excited to see the results. I am also in the process of producing Apple Rum Sauce in gallon sizes to fulfill the requests we are getting from restaurants and grocery stores for sauces. The possibilities of where these sauces can take Silverton Foods seem endless!

Silverton Foods Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce



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