Apple Rum BBQ Sauce Wins NBBQA 2016 Award!
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BBQ Lover Gift Idea

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Are you lucky enough to have someone in your life who loves to slave over a hot grill? Someone who plans their weekend around smoking a boston butt or makes baby back ribs that melt in your mouth? Then why not encourage them and say thank you with a gift box of some of our unique sauces? Need a hostess gift for that summer bbq?

BBq Sauce Gift Box

Sauces make a great gift and with such flavor pairings such as Apple Rum BBQ Sauce, Honey Bourbon Sauce, Pineapple Glaze, So Orange Vodka Sauce for example you will want to try them all. Sauces are not super hot and spicey- that’s just not me. I will be the first to admit I’m a big chicken when it comes to hot. I don’t do ghost or scorpion peppers- nothing that will make me sweat or not be able to taste anything for a week!

BBQ Sauce Gift Box

Two of my sauces are being used in Texas Cook Offs with great results. Apple Rum BBQ Sauce has won the ribs division and paired with Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce on chicken have resulted in Reserve Grand Champion placings as well as many top 10 for Creekside Cookers of Wimberley TX.

Gift boxes can also include a bag of Maine Wood Chips for adding a nice smokey layer to your dishes.

Not only will they receive Maine Made Sauces but a Maine Made crate that can be reused all year long! If you don't see just the combination you want just let me know and it can be made just for you.

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