7 Tips For The Best Frittata

7 Tips For The Best Frittata

     Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. I love to start my day with an omelet, pancakes or any of the other breakfast classics. Taking me out for breakfast is sometimes more expensive than dinner! An easy one is a frittata, preferably made in a cast iron pan and cooked in the smoker, cuz doesn't everything taste better on a smoker? 

     So how do you make a great frittata? Follow these 7 tips for success.

1. Eggs- farm fresh is always better but if you can't run out to the hen house to grab some that's ok. What is important is how many eggs and that you use the right ratio of dairy. If you are using 6 eggs, which is a good number for a frittata to serve 2 people, you will need 1/4 cup dairy. 

2. Dairy- so what dairy should you use? Just about any kind will work. This "use whatever you have in your fridge" type of recipe is what makes a frittata so much fun. Try milk, yogurt ( probably plain or vanilla), sour cream, half and half. 


3. Seasonings- my favorite is a montreal chicken seasoning. Makes sense doesn't it? You can use herbs d' provence, classic salt and pepper, add a little hot sauce if you want!  I add my seasonings to the egg mixture before I add it to the pan. 

4. Cheese- you can't have eggs without cheese in my world. For every 6 eggs add about 1/2 cup of a shredded cheese. If it doesn't look like enough- add more just know that you don't want to over do the egg cheese ratio. Good melting cheeses work best like a gruyere, fontina, or a 3 cheese mix. 

5. Mix ins- this is where the fun is. It's a great way to use little bits of veggies leftover that there may not be enough to do much with. If you are using fresh veggies like peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, anything with a high moisture content. It's best to cook them a bit first to release the moisture.  If you are using leftovers then just add them as is. My favorites are spinach, ham, sausage. If I have left over potatoes, either mashed or roasted I put them on the bottom of my pan then add the egg mixture. 


6. Cast iron is king. Because I'm putting my frittatas in the smoker it has to be a pan that can take the heat. I love my cast iron pans for just about everything and have a variety of sizes and shapes. For an individual frittata I use my 6" pan. One thing to remember is a cast iron pan holds heat and will continue to cook your frittata even after your remove it from the heat. Undercooking just a bit is best for this type of pan. 

Here's a basic recipe you can start with:

6 egg
1/2 cup whole milk
1/2 shredded cheese
1/4 tsp montreal chicken seasoning

then add whatever you have/want ! 








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