Instapot Venison Roast

Instapot Venison Roast

There is so much good about eating venison. To me it's the original organic meat, lean and tasty. There are lots of ways to enjoy venison but for us this is our favorite way to y to prepare venison roast.

I was able to take a doe last fall and after cutting up the meat ourselves we had just the right cuts of steaks, stewmeat, ground venison ( with pork added), roasts and the coveted backstraps and tenderloins. This venison provides lots of great meals throughout the winter that we are grateful to have. 

I have become a fan of the instaptot for a variety of meals that can take hours to make, and I still do make them that way when I have the time. BUT for those days when there's just too much going on I bring out the instapot and voila dinner is ready in about an hour! 

My Special Blend Marinade is the key to this great venison recipe. The combination of fresh garlic, basil, parmesan cheese in olive oil and vinegars is the perfect combination to as tons of flavor and moisture to venison. 

instapot venison roast

 This takes just a few minutes to assemble and about an hour to cook and then viola- dinner is ready. 

So here's all you need:

1 can cream of mushroom soup
half a stick of butter
3/4 cup Special Blend Marinade 
salt and pepper
4-5 potatoes
2-3 pound deer roast

 I'm dying to try this with a bear roast, elk roast or other wildgame roasts! 

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