Smoked Oysters with Special Blend Marinade

Smoked Oysters with Special Blend Marinade

Oysters are a holiday tradition enjoyed by many. My grandfather always made an oyster stew for New Years Eve in hopes of bringing good luck. Who knows whether it did or not but it was always delicious! 

I like to serve oysters on the half shell. While many are familiar with the delicacy of raw oysters I prefer popping them in the smoker for a rich appetizer that is easy to prepare.  My Special Blend Marinade is a combination of fresh hand peeled garlic, basil, parmesan cheese, olive oils and vinegars that pair perfectly with seafood of any kind. 

smoked oysters

 We start with fresh oysters. I always prefer to buy my seafood at the local fish market or seafood truck. Here in Maine we have several fish markets that send out trucks, usually Fridays and Saturdays to bring the fresh seafood even closer to those of us not right on the Maine coast. 


                                            smoked oysters


Shucking the oysters is probably the trickiest part of this whole appetizer! I use a flat head screwdriver but there is also a special tool you can use for this. Insert the tool or the screwdriver to  pry open the shell. Twist and pop the shell apart!


 Once the shells are open you can toss the half that doesn't have oyster. Drain the liquid from the oysters.  Arrange the shells in a baking dish or cookie cooling rack.

oyster appetizer

Top the oysters with our Special Blend Marinade

Prepare your smoker for a temp of about 150 degrees. Smoke the oysters until they are firm but bounce back slightly.

If you don't have a smoker or time for smoking the oysters you can also use the broiler.

Enjoy right out of the shell or pair with our Classic Cocktail Sauce with Smoked Maine Sea Salt. 

For a truly elegant appetizer pair with a chablis or got all out for champagne! 







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