Visiting Silverton Sporting Ranch

Visiting Silverton Sporting Ranch

     Silverton Sporting Ranch in central Maine was started by me 16 years ago because I was ready to return to my home state. I missed all that Maine has to offer especially the laid back lifestyle and the great outdoors. It was long overdue. 

      I made a plan, spent 2.5 years looking for the right piece of property, found it and sold my farm and business in NJ. Then the fun started! 

      There was a lot to do- the property was almost 400 acres and  very run down consisting only of a log cabin, Quonset hut and older mobile home. The log cabin had no furnace, hot water heater - hardly livable. The next year and a half I spent cleaning up, doing earthwork and building barns, cabins, a kennel and lots of work on the log cabin. 

Maine lodge

     My plan was to become a Registered Maine Guide, something that I always wanted to do. My grandfather was a Registered Maine Guide back in the day when guides were appointed by game wardens and I always thought that was pretty cool. I had been guiding pheasant and goose hunts and wanted to make that a part of the new business. Other aspects of the business would include lodging for customers, sporting clays and shotgun instruction and group outings. 

registered Maine Guide

     Over the years I have also hosted many bachelor parties. So much fun to have these groups out who just want to hang out around a campfire, break some sporting clays, and enjoy some great food. Now I am pretty much a one woman show so I have to be on my game in every aspect. Planning every step of every weekend or guest visit is key to success. That meant putting together meals that I could put on the table and wow guests even though I would be out in the field or range all day. No easy feat! But I found that using sauces could really make my life easier. The evening meal could be 16-20 hungry guys that I didn't know but was feeding family style. Smoking chickens or ribs that I could serve with a variety of sauces along with great sides was the way to go. 

st louis ribs

     On night it was late and I was working on a Wild Maine Blueberry sauce and I realized I was out of vinegar. Looking around the pantry I spied a bottle of vodka and thought "well vodka starts with V". That was the beginning of adding alcohol to sauces. 

Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka Sauce

     When guests stay at Silverton they have a private cabin. The Bear Cabin is a 2 bedroom and can't be seen from the others. There was a lot of renovation work done on this cabin in 2019, after 15 years there were starting to be signs of wear and tear after hundreds of guests. 

Cabin in Maine at Silverton Sporting Ranch

The River Cabin and The Pines Cabin are near each other but separated by trees. These 2 cabins are great for bigger groups. The River is a one bedroom and The Pines has 2 bedrooms. 

Maine cabin at Silverton Sporting Ranch

Maine cabin at Silverton Sporting Ranch

Maine cabin at Silverton Sporting Ranch

          All cabins have air conditioning, 3/4 baths, microwave, small fridge, coffee  makers and include all linens. There are flat screen TVs with DVD players and antennas for local channels. There are firepits and gas grills are available. 

     Silverton Sporting Ranch is located in Canaan. It's easy to find about 20 minutes off I95. We are in a triangle with Skowhegan, Newport and Waterville- all great towns with lots to offer. Canaan is in the heart of dairy country which means lots of fields, great scenery and wildlife. There are so many lakes, ponds, streams  and rivers for so many activities. 

Maine lake

      I hope if you are planning a visit to Maine you will come consider staying in a cabin, share a campfire with family and friends and try a delicious Maine meal. 


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