Basics For A Well Stocked BBQ Pantry

Basics For A Well Stocked BBQ Pantry

If you are into barbecue you know that there are so many many things you can grill and smoke. Your friends and family will expect great things from you and keeping a well stocked pantry will make you look like a pro!

Here's a list of my essentials- start with these and add your own.

1. Canola Oil and Brush 
Use this light oil for brushing on veggies before grilling to help with those great grill marks everyone wants to see. I brush it on meats such as pork butts and ribs before putting on my rub. It helps with creating a great crust. A light coating on vegetables before grilling is essential.  Coat your grate with oil  before grilling to help prevent sticking. 

grilling essentials

2.Heavy Duty Foil
This makes so many grilling tasks easier. The regular stuff is fine but when you really want to create a seal the heavy duty foil has less of a chance of tearing. The wider size of the heavy duty foil also makes it easier to fold over and make a pouch rather than have to marry two pieces together.  Make a pouch for veggies or fish with easy cleanup. 

3. Ketchup, Mustard and Relish
The holy grail of burgers and dogs. For those that are content to go old school and kids. 

4.Disposable Foil Pans
I love love love to use these in so many ways. They make clean up easy. The are available in so many sizes from 4"x 6" to full size roaster. Use them to keep foods warm or for longer cooks when you want to retain juices and keep meat from drying out. 

grilling essentials

5. Zip Lock Bag
If there are leftovers and that's a big if then zip lock bags are perfect. But I use them more for prep. I can prepare onions, peppers or other veggies and have them ready to go anytime. When I need to marinate meats they simply go in the bag, gallon size, and pour in the marinade. Zip closed and move around the bag to coat the meat. Put it in the fridge and turn every half hour if you can.  

6. Thermometer
It's a good idea to have several depending on what you are cooking and for how long. For a quick check a regular thermometer is fine. For longer cook where you don't want to keep poking holes in your meat and losing juices or lifting the lid a digital thermometer with a probe that you can leave in is better. 

grilling essentials

7. Seasonings
There are certain spices and seasonings that you just have to have. Garlic salt, butchers black pepper, granulated onion, coarse salt, worchestershire sauce, vinegars ( distilled and apple cider) apple juice, garlic.  You can use these to season just about anything!

grilling essentials

8. Skewers
One of the easiest meals to throw on the grill is meat and veggies on a skewers. Brush with your favorite sauce and you're done. I prefer the wooden ones but if you don't have time to properly soak them so they don't burn you can use the metal ones just remember to use tongs or a potholder!

9. Sauces
You knew they had to be included sometime! My Silverton Sporting Ranch Sauces are a great variety of cooking sauces that cover just about everything you want to cook. Special Blend Marinade is versatile for chicken, pork, pasta, shrimp, yellow fin tuna, scallops, swordfish. Apple Rum Sauce goes on just about anything including, steak, ribs, chicken, pork, bacon wrapped scallops, dipping,  added to spaghetti sauce, chili, meatloaf, burgers and french fries- see just about anything! Honey Bourbon Sauce is great on steak, chicken, ribs, burgers, salmon, haddock, nachos, and meatloaf. Blueberry Vodka Sauce spruces up breakfast with one pancakes or a bagel. It also makes a fancy dessert when you top off cheesecake or ice cream with it. Add to warm brie for an appetizer that's easy and yummy.

Waffles with Blueberry Vodka Sauce

These are the 4 I consider essential although I have many more in my line up including Pineapple Bourbon, Apple Vodka, Cherry Habanero, Orange Vodka, Hickory Ginger, Classic Cocktail Sauce and Tequila Lime Cocktail Sauce.   

With these essentials you can grill up anything you have in your fridge that's sure to impress. 

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